So just how do YOU think?

As I have mentioned a number of times before , the brain is only about 15 cm long.

Into that small and vitally brilliant space, we’ve learned well, how to create an inescapable prison.

Forget being burnt at the stake, hung drawn and quartered, tarred and feathered and any other form of horrendous punishment.

Self- punishing thinking is far more painful. Lasting much longer that any traumatic and sudden death.

A man who does not think for himself does not think at all - OscarWilde

Thinking intelligently was once thought of as something only philosophers might do , it is now something that is vital to our mental well-being.

They saw their philosophical thoughts of ‘critical thinking’ as only meant for those who could stand up to the rigorous tirade of lively debates.

But when we think about these two simple words ‘critical thinking’ they really resonate in a very powerful way.

To think for ourselves and the welfare of those thoughts, is a vital link to a happier life.

So I’m jotting few notes here to help you understand how a critical thinker, thinks, as opposed to a non- critical thinker.

The critical thinker sets out to distinguish between fact and opinion. They ask questions and observe without assuming.

They make their assertions based on sound judgment.

Their judgments are based on well supported evidence.

Not hearsay - gossip, or self-defeating thoughts.

Critical thinkers consider many things before speaking out, by considering;

A Purpose to the thought - Looking at all points of view- Questioning the issues at hand - and by gathering information .

They also have a sense of curiosity and the strength and ability to adjust their opinions, if evidence based facts are uncovered.

They suspend judgment and do not waiver under pressure.

They listen carefully to others and give feedback without assuming that they alone, are right.

On the opposite side the coin is the non - critical thinker.

Interestingly skeptics think that are non- believers, think of themselves as people who have investigated well and are able to offer scientifically based evidence to prove their point. But one cannot be a disbeliever with being a believer :) . They are just as reproachable as those who take things on faith , for not thinking critically.

Critical thinkers ensure that what they believe has foundation of actuality and realisation.

When a non- critical thinker, is not thinking straight and with little reason, they tend to:

See things in black and white without bending to a greater understanding.

They approach a yes or no attitude to questions without the fineness of mature reasoning.

They take their understanding as fact and see it as the only relevant one. No debating possible there!!

Their attitude, their outlook, is the only possible way.. Oh dear…

Creating a thought based on fear of judgment or a sense of self - righteousness creates a hopelessly ambiguous sense of what is.

A good example of your ability to critically think, lies amongst the words written throughout Google.

Jennifer “Cancer can be cured by eating honey and cinnamon .”

Elizabeth : “How do you know?”

Jennifer: “ Because its on Google.”

Elizabeth: “ Why should I believe Google?”

Jennifer: “ Because Google has the answer to EVERYTHING.”

So just how do YOU think?

Are you are critical thinker to a non- critical thinker?

Food for thought.

Kindness matters

Love Elizabeth x

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Think before you speak!