Confinement Or Liberty?

Did you know that every thought you have creates your life, and ultimately your confinement or your liberty?

The greatest gifts you can afford yourself is to live in simplicity. To live every moment in joy ads of it is the last moment you will experience.

Living life is a privilege. There is so much to appreciate. It does not have to be something spectacular.

Liberty comes when we make a choice to live. To seriously look at the way we live with honestly, without the false ideas we put in front of our truth abut ourselves. When we don’t listen and honour ourselves, we remain in the darkened corners of our existence.

There is no room for compromising our truth. In order to have wha we want only the mirror of truth can remove the bevies that allows one to feel safe and loved by the ‘self’

No-one said it would be easy.

Each step you take, even though some steps maybe a step back sometimes, never give up.

Love Elizabeth xx

Elizabeth WeyComment