We All Matter

When I think of people who made the biggest impact in my life, it has never been about their expertise or accomplishments that provided me with the direction, guidance and reassurance I needed to accomplish my goals.

It was their sincere belief in me.

They let me know through their words and actions that I mattered.

The people in your life want that same validation.

In fact, every single person you will ever meet shares this need..

They want to know they matter.

Mattering? Well mattering does matter.

When we have said or done , or not done something truly awful, we wound ourselves.

That matters.

Ita a feeling that cannot be transferred.

A sense of shame and disappointment in ourselves shrouds our thinking,

Try as we may, these kind of memories never leave us.

We know deep in our hearts we should be more understanding.

Oh, these feelings can hide for a while, but they will always resurface.

They are the enduring reminders that nothing good comes from hurting.

This is how our lessons come.

They show us how we need to free ourselves from the encumbrance of wrongfulness.

We humans suffer on this planet because we are not nice enough to each other.

And because there is so much constant human suffering , we don’t know what to do.

We’ve lost our way.

Not letting go of guilt and anger, non-forgiveness and distrust, negativity and ignorance, damages our self worth.

Why create more karma and damage to our Souls, by feeding these emotions day after day.

When we acknowledge someone, we recognise their value and our self-respect.

More often than not, people don’t—or won’t—acknowledge you for your contributions and accomplishments.

If they are competitive, its because they need be constantly proving themselves.

Paying tribute to another’s achievements might make them feel as though they’re admitting inferiority, ineptitude, or defeat.

It could be in the confession of wrongdoing that the fragile ego lacks the strength to be honest.

All of which is to say that when we are not being acknowledged, its likely to be saying much more about the other person than it does about us, or our worthiness.

In such situations we will always be better off once we have learned to be content through becoming more adroit at self-acknowledgment.


You have a huge about of power to encourage others - use it.