It Was Never In God's Plan

We were created from a spark of God’s light… he never meant for us to suffer.

What he did mean was for us to be responsible for the plan each of us made in deciding on the kind of person we would be, what gifts we would bring, what lessons we wanted to learn and then the most important factor all being - the purpose for having a life.

We are all responsible for our body, mind and soul, after all it is our journey.

Not God’s.

It all has to do with our perspective, in other words our free-will.

Our point of view is a matter of personal choice.

When you feel let down, maybe because of others, maybe because of your health and happiness, it is up to you to find a way to through it.

There are so many things that can affect us negatively.

Loss - Disease - Judgement - Accidents.

But it is up to you as to whether these human challenges affect your ability to grow forward and heal.

We can be affected by so many things daily.

Criticism, difficult people, demanding expectations, all these dreadful things can affect us.

But its how we react to them that’s the real issue here, because we can make them so much wore than they really are, or overcome them with self- discipline.

After all aren’t these things created by people as well?

Its crucial to feed positive words and images into your mind when your being confronted with challenges.

So as you continue living your life with or without challenges, remember its the attitude that your Soul comes to terms with, simply put;

“ Skyward is God’s home - Earthward is your home for the present time.”

As we continue to learn to love ourselves, and to have the understanding that we are all learning and growing and caring for each other without judgment, then compassion will touch every part of your lives.

We will never stop getting hurt, grieving, making mistakes, but if we can remain aware of our innate goodness, then there is hope.

And when we finally go skyward bound of last time, we can rest in the light of the Divine knowing we’ve done the best we could with the gifts God gave us to use wisely on this planet called Earth.