Divine Guidance

Powerful stories can be aroused to awaken memories from the past in many a mind and heart, and with that a deeper understanding of life down through the ages can be revealed.

The importance of my work is to continue the why and how of ancient wisdom that has been such a huge part of the mystic’s life.

Information that has been flowing down right through the ages., bringing us up to this day and age

My work is focused around bringing a experimental dimension to our human understanding and in doing so I hope to bring a learning that relates to the stories of life that illustrate the spiritual truths contained in the instruction I’ve been guided to share.

The courses I’ve developed also encourage divine guidance and inspiration, information that has spanned many lifetimes. They give an overall vision of the unfolding ‘ to the Universal schemes of things’ leading to a greater understanding of harmony and well-being for all of life on Earth.

Many messengers are coming to Earth from higher spheres of life, and all with the same message;

“Love one another’

I’m simply here to help awaken your own inner guidance, your intuition, and the light of the spirit that is within every human soul. My teachings are filled with love and understanding, to support the difficulties we all face at one time or another,

There was a wise teacher and philosopher, who had a deep spiritual understanding.

In his own words, he states;

“We would remind you that all esoteric truths spring from one simple truth.

We would like you to see this truth as a tree - a tree of knowledge, planted in an infinite and eternal garden.

That tree has many branches, big branches breaking up into smaller ones and even smaller and smaller, until you get a very fine skeleton of a tree. These branches are the innumerable aspects of esoteric truth.

But individual men and women get a hold of one little branch, or even a little twig, and they think they have the whole truth, and believe it is the only truth.

By doing so, they are enclosing themselves in a little dark box, which we will call the mind, and it becomes a very dark prison. Slowly, however, each man and woman is touched in their heart by something far greater than they can imagine and even more slowly awakens to the truth of all life.”

It is not part of my role to prove or establish the factual accuracy of the teachings I provide, which can only rest on the basis of which they are received. What I can claim is how the evidence of what I do teach has come to light in a way that tends to support the ongoing growth and awareness of the students who come into my care.

When I think of spiritual unfoldment , I envisage the power of the human spirit soaring into spheres of a consciousness, a place which embraces all knowledge, all wisdom.

The mystery school of all ages have imparted similar knowledge, which can only be earned through trust faith belief and a pure heart.

Such journeys of the Soul can only be achieved through a sincere dedication to learning.

Many lessons confront us daily, others come in the course of learning.

Yet, when our consciousness is free of the daily burdens, the Soul is free to soar though the timelessness of the magnificent Universe.

To experience an opening of your awareness is one of the joys of life.

Sages and Healers of all ages and times, have traveled into the realms of light and record the truth of what they found there.

Each of my students is trained to understand and to receive power from the invisible divineness of the Universe, and after doing so, become ambassadors for the advancement of love and light to those they meet along their life journey.

Student leaves with the opportunity to have a powerful and significant effect on individual and collective minds of those they know and meet.

When we learn to love and heal we are contributing to humankind, in ways that will be beneficial to Earth in years to come.

Why do we humans grind away, lamenting and punishing ourselves , knowing there is such a long journey back to our real home in the light?

If you feel the urge to learn and progress in your spiritual evolution, then you can be sure your are following your destiny, and when you do follow your heart and your destiny all fear of the unknown fades away

Thank you

The authentic spiritual teacher comes clothed in simplicity and humility.

God Bless

Love Elizabeth x

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Archangel Michael, also known as Saint Michael the Archangel, commands legions of guardian angels, all serving on the first ray of protection, faith and the will of God.