I Do this Work For A Very Good Reason

Because of this work that I do, I’m exposed to characters aplenty.

Respectable, tireless, challenged souls who’ve had their share of good and bad times.

I’ve heard personal tragedies beyond belief.

Most of those people carrying a resolve that helps to carry them along through daily life.

From the wold over I have connected with hundreds if not thousands of people.

It may be someone searching for advice, or a friendly thumbs up from a colleague telling me what they’re up to. Always interesting.

I’ve come across one inspiring life story after another and many of these connections have continued on to become firm friends.

Its been one of the greatest joys of working in this rewarding field of service to others.

For anything to change it has to happen from the grass roots.

I aspire to make good things happen.

It isn’t to be self-indulgent by wanting to help others because I want to create spaces and provide understandings of life challenges that help the change happen for everyone that comes to me for advice and support.

This is why Its important that my work has meaning.

After all being of service to others is the most powerful of means of communication possible.

I’m not doing this work because it’s the ‘popular thing to do right now’.

In this day and age there are thousands of people involved in Spiritual Awareness.

But this is the work that I’m best at by far.

This work is the vehicle for change for humanity on all levels of society; its the vehicle for getting to the heart of all pain and heartache , a place where reason becomes a vehicle for the every day person to heal.

If I’m not doing this work, I don’t feel like I’m alive.

I’d feel like I wasn’t living my life purpose.

Love Elizabeth x


“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world”

— Howard Zinn

Elizabeth Wey