Life's Lessons

There always has been a purposeful reason you are back again her sin this lifetime… which is to at the very least, lead a meaningful life that’s heart-warming and valuable to your Soul journey.

The reason you are here is to learn lessons that enhance your knowledge and to help your Soul mature so it can go back and stay in its real home - the home where your Soul first began as a spark of light.

When you come to see a Medium such as myself, you have the opportunity to receive messages from your Spiritual Guides. Their messages can be life-changing and the opportunity they offer to understand your lessons is profound. They offer advice on how you might approach difficulties with a new attitude.

These beautiful beings from the light, provide different perspectives that allow you to feel better about yourself and where you are heading. As your personal Guide, they know exactly what works best of you.

They have your complete welfare at heart. No judgement, only patience and unconditional love.

We are in this physical world to learn our lessons and they can arrive in many different ways.

Each of our lives has a purpose and things happen for a reason.

Sometimes it’s incredibly difficult to accept that you should have to experience such things.

But here’s the thing, the more you can accept these lessons as part of your Soul’s growth, the more you will begin to trust your intuitiveness, keeping you on the spiritual path you chose to take before you were born.

We all search for happiness, to make sense of our lives, but we block this time and again, by fighting with guilt, fear. judgment, and regret. We also struggle with self- belief, self-worth, self- love, faith, gratitude, especially when life isn’t going the way we wish it to.

We wrestle with thoughts that tell us we don’t deserve to struggle, that things don’t happen, or if at all, as often as we’d like. Lesson here is - Acceptance.

Did you know that after death, when you are in that place where you can review your life ,you’re reminded that your Soul chose its body, family, path and purpose?

That the lessons you experienced were the reason you came back to this physical world in the first place?

Because of energy being what it is, the choices you make, the conversations you have create ripple effects that impact not only yourself but the people around you.

Lessons can come in different ways to test your mettle. You may have a difficult relationship teaching you - Tolerance. A mentally challenged child teaching you- Perseverance. Or it may be as simple as someone stepping in front of you in a queue waiting to catch a taxi teaching you - Patience.

Back there is the comfort of our spiritual home, we also discussed and decided on our life purpose before coming into this lifetime.

We generally learn of our purpose this through a drive, a passion, for a special calling.

There is also another way to experience this and that is through a Past Life Regression and communication with the Sacred Subconscious.

When we go home to the light, our real home, we arrive at a place conducive to the life we’ve led on Earth.

Here we meet souls who have had similar life experiences. We stay there until we decide on our next life adventure, the one that will hopefully advance us towards a time where we have matured our soul enough that there is no need for further psychical life lessons and challenges, allowing us to finally move to a permemant home of peace and harmony and extraordinary bliss.

Love Elizabeth x