Own Your Power

The first people known to inhabit Baraka , an ancient place on this planet. are long gone.

Only the ruins of their cities, temples and sites remain.

Almost 4000 years ago, greedier, less kinder people pushed them into decline until they disappeared from the lands and were no more.

The Barakites were tall and noble looking people, with fair skin, light hair and eyes, at least according to the frescos and mosaics that survived in their ruins. They lived in the happiest environment you could possibly imagine.

Although there were mothers and fathers creating new life, these people saw each other as on big family. They were content and very accepting of their life.

They nurtured each other, and took the time to build beautiful homes out of natural materials.

The greatest challenge for them was that the area in which they lived was hot and arid , yet it was to the the most beautiful place they could ever imagine exisiting.

The earth was red, the sun was yellow and the crystal clear water of the river that flowed nearby was always there, providing the life and food required to live.

Nothing else mattered nor was it needed.

Although it was not the kind of life where they could just sit back and have things done for them, they understood that toil and care brought them what they needed to survive.

The elders amongst them were always available to provide wisdom and encouragement.

The river brought forth the things that mattered most - good health, good food and good relationships with it and themselves.

Throughout the history of these tribal families, the ancestors long passed had alway left their mark through drawing. The art spoke precisely about the spiritual wisdom of the river.

It became their symbol for prosperity.

It seems at a time that no one can quite remember, the river began to change.

The water was not flowing as strongly, the grass verges were not as green, little bit by little bit, without an profound happening, the river dried up.

At first they were not concerned because the river had never let them down before this.

They just knew it would return.

But it didn't .

The people gathered and decided it may be time to move on.

But the elders were not convinced.

They encouraged the men to go to the highest mountain close by to search for answers.

Lo and behold they found that answer.

There it lay before their eyes, this land, this river that had flowed for thousand of years was being diverted.

Enter the Harassenes they harnessed everything that suited their needs.

They thought nothing of destroying the lives of others, for there own comfort.

For the people of the river?

Well, the world they knew, the innocence and trust they had would be destroyed forever.

Generations of these beautiful people … so sad.

Greed - Control - Disrespect became the only power.

I’m of the belief that it has been an ongoing process, the annihilation of abundance, the innocence and trust we once had as a community of souls surviving on this divine planet has been destroyed

The pollution of the oceans and rivers, treating the soil without due care, the fertiliser and chemical used to sustain us is now a productive money making business that is slowly killing us and the earth with it.

Humanity has ben left with a legacy of unmet needs for personal healing and a sense of feeling whole.

We are suffocating, families are disintegrating, diseases are becoming more powerful, abuse, victimisation, hate, war, greed and everything else in-between.

It isn’t about any one belief. Its about responsibility.

There is no promise of euphoria in another dimension

This is it, right now, right here on Earth, we had it all once upon time, and now we are responsible for restoring it.

World wide people are searching for answers in the sky, in churches, with crystals, from soothsayers, the oracles.

Not for global problems, but for their own life journey.

Many of us seek the same answers to the same questions over and over again.

How can I be my best me?

Where is my place in the world?

Who am I?

What don’t I feel as though I belong here?

Why am I even here?

Why doesn’t anything make sense?

Who cares about me?

What can I do to help our planet?

These questions and so many more make up the hopelessness that many of us feel inside ourselves but never speak of.

The Scared Subconscious Technique - Past Life Regression unlocks the secrets to finding the happiness and fulfilment for relationships with the self and with others.

And further exploring the questions about personal spirituality.

Nothing is impossible to answer.

If these are your questions then welcome to my website.

Everything included in the Essence Of Healing website is a magnificent source for people searching the relevance to their spiritual quest.

There’s information included in the site that will even surprise those already familiar with the Souls journey.

With spiritual growth comes with self- awareness.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” —Buddha

Once can only imagine how to may have been thousand of years ago.