What On Earth Are You Doing Here?

Every day you must ask yourself this question;

“What am I doing here in this dystopian world?”

Yet, Earth offers such a glorious variety of everything you could possibly think of.

Everything that happens in your life is a memory keeper.

No matter how small or significant it may be, fit connects to a cord.

This cord that’s attached to you is tens of thousand of years old,

This cord is the guiding light for you when you’re troubled.

Lost to the changing world , the threads of this cord binds you to your purpose,

Your lifestyle have been quarantined by ‘what is acceptable to the majority’.

Every one of us is a different individual, with individual thoughts.

You have the right to develop your own individual style.

It may appear that reality of life on earth is a conglomeration of entanglement.

But it is this very entanglement of our connections to others that forces us to question our own counsel, to decide on how much we chose to work towards being our own unique self.

So if you want to do something truly amazing and admirable today, or on any day for that matter, if you really want to create purpose in your life , then branch out and turn over a new leaf and do what is both wildly unexpected and life changing

Love Elizabeth x

We are here for a reason….

We are here for a reason….