Keeping It Simple

When we embody simplicity into our lives, we are no longer influenced by the trappings of life.

If we can follow our own truth without concern for what others believe.

Whether it is about our appearance or possessions, we will have released the chains that bind us.

Labels, brands, consumer products and external expectations are distractions and drain us from internal comfort.

Its never enough.

Whatever we own, whatever we wear, does not define who we are.

The measure of our worth is the time we take to care and to respect ourselves and others.

When we aren’t distracted with the nonessential things on life, we have a clearer headspace to learn more about who we are within. taking time to reflect and be grateful for what is important.

Too many possessions create greater responsibilities.

Maintaining that certain persona we believe is necessary to impress others, risks the opportunity to embrace a simple life.

Distinguishing the difference between people who appear to be friends and the ones who are sincere is quickly peeled away when we choose simplicity,

There may be fewer numbers of ‘friends’, but the friends we attract will have deeper respect for who we are.

Distractions take the focus away from understating what matters,

Sincerity is a simple attribute that cannot be bought.

Choose to live simply and freedom mind will follow. you every step of the way.

Love Elizabeth x

enjoy the simple things.jpg

Distractions, temptations and the complexities of life draw us away and drain us from understanding what is important.