The Luminous Soul

Your Soul is eternally bound to your past, to your present and to your future lives.

It is an energy that exists death, after death after death, 

Our beautiful Soul is the ultimate of oracles, and it is energy through which we think and feel, but isn't dependent on the body.

Most of us accept the Souls existence without scientific proof.

Interesting thought for the skeptic.

And yet still we continue to be in awe of the mysteries of birth and death and the place that our conscious awareness goes to during dream time.

Through the work that I do imagination and memory, suggest the existence of a vital life force , an élan vital, an energy that survives independent of the body.

We spiritual people view the soul as emphatically more unconditionally than any scientific concept.

I strongly believe that the Souls incorporeal essence within each of us is immortal and transcendent of a human existence. 

Everything knowable about the "soul" can be learned through a sacred subconscious regression.

Some people believe that the soul is a result of humans wanting to believe something that gives them an emotional safety, something, anything that that supports of understanding of why they are present in this world, having this human life.

As I sit here writing this blog, I can't think of a single single reason to believe the soul does not exist or in accepting any notion  that our soul is immaterial, or that its eternal essence is nothing but a whimsical fantasy.

Why should our soul subject itself to the scrutiny of judgment or crucified in a test tube for the sake of scientific evidence.

I simply reject any form of negative thinking regarding the purity of our soul essence.

The only way to accept your existence as a necessary experience, is to understand your Soul knows exactly why and what its doing here.

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Every human deserves to follow their bliss.

Allowing their soul to sing❤️

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