Freedom Of Belief Is A Human Right

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Universal Declaration), Article 18 states

“Everyone shall have the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

Your choice to believe in something is up to you, regardless of your circumstances.

You must try hard not to use past experiences as an excuse to be stuck.

Your life goes by too fast.

I truly understand that at times it is not easy to break away from beliefs of yourself, that have been part of your life for so long.

Change IS painful.

The struggle IS real.

But your life does have purpose.

Every human is born with their own unique set of gifts.

Awareness of your own spiritual energy, your true self, is essential to your inner peace.

Your unique gifts have the potential to give purpose not only to your own life but for the lives of others as well.

It all begins with you and your awareness that have as many rights as every other human on this planet.

And in believing that you are this beautiful spiritual being, my hope is that it will bring you great peace, because hopefully you learn to believe that while the choice is yours, you are truly never alone. 

Love Elizabeth x

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Even you are entitled to inner peace…

Elizabeth Wey