Time After Time

Time after time we attract what we came here to learn.

There are many things that limit us;

Fear - Guilt - Worry - Want - Excessiveness - Addictions.

How may times have you thought of someone as completely annoying?

Even their presence is enough to annoy you, let alone them speaking.

Here’s the deal.

You can silently thank those people. because they have drawn your attention to something that requires fixing inside of yourself.

If you do decide to change these things, you’ll soon find those people don’t bother you at all anymore.

Learning to understand your strengths and weaknesses and changing these things within yourself is called;


When you change and let go of the attitudes that bind you and start growing into who you are meant to be then, without fail, you’ll begin to love yourself more.

Your body will react as well, by healing itself.

Clever body that it is.

Once you understand that your negative fear based emotions stem from something outside of yourself, it is easier to understand that you’ve allowed previous experiences from the past to keep you bound and gagged.

Why do we allow ourselves to wallow in this muddy quagmire ?

Time after time we flog ourselves with the whip of self pity.


Why cant we use the same amount of energy to be positive?

I mean how hard can that be?

Obviously really hard, because we keep doing it.

We need to understand that these barriers that we put up are not who we are.

We can’t erase the past but we can end the mindless punishment that is interfering in the progress of our life journey.

Love Elizabeth ❤️

Every life - time after time we come to learn.