Nobody Should Be Forced Onto A Spiritual Path

We were not created for this Earth, rather the Earth, the Galaxies the Constellations, maybe even the Universes were created for us.

Its a vast plethora of opportunities for the Soul, with many schools and universities at our disposal.

Our soul is here to learn all that it can .

Along with this we have to balance previous Karma as the case maybe.

We are children of this Earth.

There is a plan for each of us, far greater than we could possibly even imagine.

Yet we still cannot find a way to live in peace.

Nor do most of us believe we are worthy of being part of a greater plan.

Yet we are.

Somehow we blindly continue our way of living, forgetting to treat each other with respect.

When we learn to appreciate what the school of life offers us and we take advantage of it, then we are way ahead of our evolution as a community of humans.

Here is this particular lifetime to be part of the transformation to make planet earth a kinder, more respectful, safe place.

Nobody should be forced onto a spiritual path - this is solely a matter for self-determination and self-growth.

To fix things, our human minds need to understand that its the only way to have peace in our Soul and on Earth. is by offering ourselves up to be more accepting that there is something far greater than ourselves, working towards peace on earth.

For those of us who are sincerely on a spiritual path, we must go beyond trying to control or destroy any form of anything and begin to accept that it all begins with ourselves.

Nothing less than constant awareness is called for on our journey through life.

The spiritual path is for the brave of heart.

The Creator did not build this beautiful school of life for his students to destroy it.

We will keep coming back until we graduate.

Love Elizabeth x

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There is a plan for each of us, far greater than we could possibly even imagine.