How To Deal With Trauma

Sorrow will always be a natural response to loss.

Loss of any kind…not just death.

Grief is an unwillingness to accept that loss.

The same can be thought of disappointment.

Disappointment is how we alter our feelings after loss.

We do this by creating a perception of how that experience affected us.  

The problem with this is, that we create a much bigger sense of inaccurate feelings about ourselves, ones that inevitably brings about anxiety and depression.

We need to remind ourselves that we can never not change.

We are not a block of steel, one that is solid and unbending.

We are vulnerable, sensitive, beautiful souls, learning to survive.

And because we’ll always be influenced by the enormous amount of experiences that are constantly unfolding in our lives, its vital to remain alert to our reactions, to question whether what we see and believe is real or not and to remind ourselves that our ego’s  are a mixture of inner- personalities, that have been affected by experiences and therefore are constantly changing and that we are ‘LOVE’

Love Elizabeth

Elizabeth Wey MHs.B

Everyone of us is made up of a unique pattern. One that can never be reproduced. Embrace your uniqueness.