Jealousy is a hideous emotion to be in the grips of.. 

Like the octopus, its wraps its tentacles around your thoughts and heart, sucking and squeezing any form of sensible thinking you may have held, to death.

And before you are aware, this powerful, negative emotion is permeating into the fibre of your everyday life and relationships. 

Perhaps you may be jealous that someone else has more success than you, or they have things you could never imagine having.

Perhaps they handle life better than you or are healthier than you. 

Whatever or whoever has pressed your jealousy button, you need to find a way to decimate the envious, begrudging, destructive villainous thoughts festering inside of you.

Nobody is perfect and even if they look perfect doesn't mean they are and that there isn’t some form of bedlam going on inside their heads.

Appreciate that everyone is different and support yourself in accepting that people have to be different, need to be better at various things.

They also need to do things you can’t just do so that you can be of value to each other.

Looking in the mirror to find the faults that cause you to the jealous of another persons looks, or personality is downright  madness. 

There is simply no point.

Because regardless of anything you might feel or think about anyone else, you need to be reminding yourself that they are on the same planet as you.

Jealousy is such a negative emotion. It will devour you to the degree, you’ll start to feel bad to the point that you think you’re less a person compared to anyone else. 

 With a concerted effort, jealousy can easily be channeled into motivating yourself to accept who you are.

There are many extremes of jealousy, but usually it is about someone else.

When you get down to it, its easy to realise that this lethal form of insecurity will cause you to deviate from your life purpose.

The better you know a person, the more you’ll learn about them.

Ask questions, don’t be intimidated.

You never know, you might find that they’re in the same boat as you,, jealous of something or someone else ( maybe even you) because not unlike yourself, they are as discontented with what  they have in their own life. 

You might even find that they have more problems than you and have put up a front, one that is as weak as tissue paper. 

You could discover that they’re someone who can support you and that you can help each other.

Regardless of what comes about, taking the time to get to know them will help negate your jealous, soul destroying thoughts  and  led you towards having stronger, positive emotions.

At the end of the day, despite what you may you t feel about anything or anyone else, its important to love yourself. 

Jealousy is never going to become a best friend.

It will starve you of positivity and feed you with worthless comparisons to others. 

Shakespeare called jealousy “the green-eyed monster, which doth mock the meat it feeds on”

He was right.

By realising that some things are simply not meant to be, we can turn our jealousies into gratitude for the betterment of our relationships. our bodies, our goods and chattels and free ourselves completely from these life sucking tentacles

Love Elizabeth.

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Do not allow your heart to be basted by the vinaigrette of jealousy.