Fear Is A Basic Instinct In Every Living Creature

Fear is one of the basic instincts of every living creature when confronted with a challenge they don’t believe they  are capable of overcoming.Some people are victims of vague and unknown fears. They cannot identify what troubles them, nor are those closest to them aware of the cause of their hidden anguish and pain. 

Age, of course, is of direct relevance in relation to feelings of fear and anxiety. 

These feelings are characteristic of childhood years, and all people, more or less, experience states of fear and panic during their childhood years and well until the age of mental maturity.

In any case, this does help to destroy the urge for progress and  can immobilise  many elements of success, therefore diminishing the level of one's mental and physical  abilities.

Surrendering to Spiritual Awareness - Channeling - Mediumship is not difficult.

When you are otherwise in good mental health, the way out of the fear is to surrender. 

Especially if you surrender and let go of control and be guided by the awakened mind. 

That doesn't mean the challenges stop, but the voluntary discomfort of your resistance does generally disappear.

I know that many people fear their minds are playing games in the early phases of travelling the spiritual path.

However, once the mind starts to surrender and accept what it’s experiencing, there manifests a glorious  shift in the engagement of receiving wisdom from Spirit.

The conscious self starts to break down and a new awareness of the self is created, and the authentic inner work emerges and begins to open up to many possibilities.

Through this way, we come to understand that the self is not made of fear, instead we discover it’s just another tool to engage with the Spiritual world.

The conscious self knows it is made up, and it can be incredibly useful to identify and interpret what is going on with a given situation so that  one can engage mindfully.

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Be brave…. Braveness favours the bold in us.

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