Bombshells & Blissfulness

Bombshells challenge us to be compassionate and pure of heart, in others words we are called upon to being peacemakers, despite unexpected and often challenging situations.

These compelling, befuddling, counterintuitive bombshells can attack us at any moment.

So how do we handle them?

Throughout childhood  we tended to concentrate on our daily needs and the demands from our body.

Honestly when it came down to it, there wasn’t much else we thought about.

But life soon intervened with this impression, especially when we came to realise that we are a Soul travelling in a human body.

The secret to a beautiful life, is not  by focusing on unwelcome bombshells, but by appreciating your life for all it can bring.

To create an inner peace that cannot be harmed, to cultivate positive thoughts, to maintain an ‘ I am worthy attitude’: this is bliss.

And bliss exists on an entirely different octave to the daily rigours of life, and of the chains that bind you.

When that sense of ego, of separation, melts away, and ‘the realisation’ that you are totally connected to all of creation descends upon you?

Well…. that is blissfulness.

Love Elizabeth x


Blissfulness can be experienced in any one moment of time 💛