Spiritual Initiation

Very little spiritual advancement is gained without paying authentic homage to the Spiritual companions of the Universe ( Gods, Angels, Guides) while we are here as visitors on Earth.

Their significance in the life of humans is as essential to us as the air we breathe.

Without their guidance, our ability to feel compassion, empathy or to understand healing of any kind as we know it, would cease to exist.

There are many ancient symbols that show the lineage of the spiritual practices we do today.

Symbols that represented the planets and ancient symbols. Alters have been found or seen in carvings upon stone. Colours that represented the Zodiac. The colours used to represent the Zodiac back then, are very similar to the colours we understand the chakras to be.

Aries - Red

Taurus - Red - Orange

Gemini - Pure Orange

Cancer - Orange - Yellow

Leo - Yellow

Virgo - Yellow - Green

Libra - Pure Green

Scorpio - Green - Blue

Sagittarius - Pure Blue

Capricorn - Blue - Violet

Aquarius - Pure Violet

Pisces - Violet - Red

The planets also represented particular colours. The creation of these colours and symbols we created 1800 BC. That’s right - one thousand eight hundred years before Christ was born. Sages and mystics held gatherings in cave - temples to study the secret mysteries.

What did they do back then, that led us to our passion to follow the ritual paths of spirituality today?

Those same sages and priests of the Maya time, trained novices into the lesser mysteries; that is, for the unfoldment of their natural gifts and powers.

Which to them, was the Spirit in the heart and head and the in their God.

Today we would understanding it as healing the Mind, Body and Soul.

Way back the student studied for, not 7 hours, not 7 weeks, not 7 months but for SEVEN years before they were thought to fully know themselves and worthy enough to guide others.

The purpose of that training was to achieve control of the physical, emotional and mental life by the higher self. The first principal being, to work from the heart.

In my opinion these initiations still ring true to this very day.

The process of training the body and mind to obedience, experiencing hardships and sufferings are all part of the Souls growth. Our will-power is continually tested in regard the the frailties of our resilience to most of the matters of being human.

Today this same endurance is called for, inclusive of ongoing self- growth and awareness.

FOUR THOUSAND & ELEVEN years ago, the people intuitively knew they were guided by the stars and planets. They studied the influence of how they affected the body, mind and soul.

Thus began the spiritual evolution that led us to now.

Our Soul goes on journeys, through boundless lives, always remaining in the magic power of light.

This light lives in all of our hearts and that is what attracts some of us to this learning - this impossibly miraculous Spiritual path. So as we traverse our life and maintaining a pure heart, we will never be let down.

We are but a fragment of God’s will, a speck in the Universe, and that is how it will always remain.

And this is why ego has no place. NO human is that great. All we think we have is not ours but a part of God.

No-one can rob God of divine power.

We alone, destroy ourselves through wrong action and thought.

God is not to blame.

So in summing up, life will reap both happiness and sorrow; but these experiences are the seeds we scatter on Earth and from this seeds, spiritual food will grow and the sustenance from that growth will sustain the future generations to come.

Even as we return to earth again and again to learn, and return to our spiritual home to rejuvenate the Soul, untie have achieved what is right for the soul, God’s will is done on Earth as it is in Sprit.

Its never too late to begin your spiritual journey.

Love Elizabeth xx


We are here to grow our Soul’s awareness.🙏