Ancient Lore and Separation

Twenty - five thousand years ago in the ancient Gobi Desert a great civilisation existed.

They were so far advances in their knowledge that they were able to commune with those of the very highest planes of consciousness.

They had no churches, but they’d had temples .

These temples were not places of worship but temples of wisdom, where counsel was taken and were communion with the highest intelligence was obtained.

Everyone worked in perfect harmony because the Truth was know to them and all contributed to the whole.

There was no poverty or unhappiness. Everything was as perfect as we could imagine at that time on earth.

After a time dissension set in, and certain groups were formed; and thus began humankind separating and inharmony.

This was the beginning of the downfall of civilisation, as people separated into groups; kings and armies flourished, until discord extended right throughout the whole of people.

It is said they were advanced in our civilisation in knowledge by two hundred years. They had methods of driving machinery and of lighting that are not yet known to us to this day.

They were able to use natural forces; but as separation set in, this information and knowledge faded away, setting humankind back hundreds of years.

I guess the positive of this is that at least separation has enabled us to understand the falseness of separation and what it brings in its path. Greed. Power. Disease.

It is the work of light- workers and of humankind generally to once agin harmonise the elements by keeping harmony within ourselves.

Let us hope it is not too late.

Becoming tired of this separation our Souls are created by our own inharmonious vibrations , we need to dig deep and rethink our purpose for life on Earth.

Be kind alwasy

Love Elizabeth x

Temple of Wisdom - Gobi Desert

Temple of Wisdom - Gobi Desert

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