Learn How To Surround & Ground Yourself In Divine Healing Light

Why would you need to surround and ground yourself in healing light?

As far back as the Essenes, who were a brotherhood of holy men and women living together within a community more than some two thousand years ago, considered themselves to be an autonomous society of people, not because of their appearance, but because of the illumination of their inner life and their knowledge of the hidden mysteries of nature unknown to people in everyday life.

They saw clearly and used daily, this divine healing light, as many of we light-workers do to this day.

Grounding brings a higher form of awareness, something omnipresent, and with this ever present energy available to each and everyone of us there is a greater opportunity to realise our potential as a spiritual being having a human experience.

Divine Light is the most powerful source of light from which we can raise our vibrational energy.

It’s an exceptional source of protection which also has incredible healing abilities that can be used though our hands.

A practice that all healers should apply before beginning any form of healing work.

To put this beautiful prayer into effect, for receiving divine light and grounding, find a quiet peaceful place to stand. 

Mother Earth herself is perfect.

But for one reason or another this is not always practical, so simply find a place that you love and where your mind would feel at peace – a place where you can connect without any disturbances.

Close your eyes and start to breathe very slowly as you empty your mind of all the thoughts that can hinder the process. 

Make sure that your entire focus is on bringing the light into your awareness with nothing else working in your mind.

When you are sure that your mind is empty and fully focused begin speaking  to the Divine Creator and Spiritual Guides, offering gratitude for your life and asking for the light to pour over you and through you.

To help this process along, imagine this light from above your head starting to flow into your body through your head, into your heart, and down the rest of the body to every organ. As this process takes effect, your whole body, your mind, and your soul will become energised, and you will feel a certain gush of energy in yourself.

Remember to relax and let your body, mind, and soul absorb the light to the maximum limit that they can.

You need to focus strongly on the heart as it needs the strongest healing which can be done by this beautiful light entering into its centre.

Focus on each part of your body to ensure that every part of the body receives the divine light from the invocation.

Once all the parts of your body have been blessed by the light, you will feel as if your heart is expanding and the lights start to get brighter.

The brightness alleviates your vibrational frequencies as your inner being gets healed and your consciousness starts to rise.

( You can say this in your head, but experience tells me that saying it out loud is so much more powerful) 

The Prayer To Surround & Ground Yourself

Divine spirit, I bring to you my deepest love and gratitude for your constant unconditional love and support while on my earthly journey. I humbly ask that you pour your love and light down through my crown chakra filling me with your Divine love, washing from me any energies that do not serve my highest purpose, down and out and away from my body. And for this light to continues flowing down through my body and from the soles of my feet and into the heart of the spirit of Mother Earth, filling her with this same light of divine healing love and protection

Mother Earth, I bring to you the light of our Divine Creator and my deepest gratitude and love for this Earth planet that you care for and I ask with this gratitude that you send your beautiful red light up through the soles of my feet, through the channels of my body and out of my crown chakra , so that it is flowing back into the the light of the Divine, assuring that I remain grounded, between both the Spirit world and you Mother  Earth.

I sense my third eye opening, ready to receive messages from my Guides and Angels.

I feel this same beautiful light flow from my heart across my chest to my shoulders, down my arms and into my hands and finger tips , so that my hands are filled with this healing light.

And into this healing  light I bring my family and friends ( anyone you know who is sick)  and those that are suffering in any way on Earth. Spiritually, Physical, Emotionally, Financially that they may feel a sense renewed hope.

I ask that my wonderful Guides and Angels continue to walk with me and to lead me to work for the highest good of all.




Be light- filled.

It’s a joyous way to live.

Elizabeth Wey