What Does Essence Of Healing Mean?

The essence of healing is the ultimate gift of giving - to ourselves.

Each thought we have, each action we perform, is the window through which we work towards experiencing the seamless wholeness of who we are.

Working on the different aspects of our personality enables us to re-integrate and repair those parts of ourselves that has become isolated, sad and damaged.

Employing any one of the powerful modalities at the Essence Of Healing, equips us with extraordinary access to the great healing potentials of the Spiritual Universe.

We honour the individuals’ story, their inner wisdom, and innate healing potential. 

We believe that the real healing is in what the individual does for themselves after they’ve left our care.

Facing life’s challenges always comes down to a choice.

It’s all about recovering lost energy, self-belief, respect.

To not forgive or not let go of judgment, to only love with conditions attached ,these are the real causes of self destruction, bitterness, anger, and illness.

Loss of energy is the common denominator.

The Soul is always calling out to be soothed and comforted.

The rehabilitation of the whole of ‘ self’ is what we ultimately aspire to bring to a successful conclusion for our clients and students.

Our wellbeing, our spirit, our respect and acknowledgement for ‘ our higher self’ is where we all need to be at the most deep-seated of levels.

The higher-self, the subconscious is always there prepared to strengthen and support us ready to lead us towards our greatest potential. 

All you have to do is ask.

Love Elizabeth 


I welcome your call….

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