Elizabeth is a wonderful healer, teacher and human being. She puts you at ease with her warm nature. Everything she does comes from her heart. Her courses, past life regressions, and healing sessions will give you a lot of answers and knowledge regarding your spiritual path. She never ceases to surprise you with her spirit. ♥”

Past Life Regression Course: The Sacred Subconscious Technique© $2500.00




Whether you’re mostly satisfied with your life, or deeply in need of a change, this programme of study is guaranteed to improve your life in measurable and remarkable ways.

Helping others to discover and focus on what they are here to do on Planet Earth and guiding them towards living a happy and meaningful life can only be seen as the ultimate reward for anyone who seeks a satisfaction is being of service to others.

The Sacred Subconscious Technique Training is innovative and unique, offering a ground breaking metaphysical science procedure that connects to a greater wisdom promoting inner work for out change.

This Past Life training is innovative and unique.

It’s a ground breaking metaphysical science method that connects to a wisdom far greater than could be imagined. Promoting inner work for outer change.

We offer to you this enriching opportunity for spiritually oriented psychotherapy and spirituality-sensitive cultural approaches to wellness.

Learning to communicate with the Subconscious mind establishes vibrant connections that nurture the individual, that serves the whole whilst reconnecting to its awe inspiring, innate wisdom and ability to heal. 

The Sacred Subconscious Technique © is a magnificent learning for the anyone wishing to help others. 

This unique course is designed with the emphasis on study and practical-based learning. 

Our students will always be encouraged to explore their training in a practical manner and within a safe and supervised space.

There is no guidebook to how a particular individual will learn, but there are ways to gather optimal advice and wisdom  to cultivate a  greater understanding. Looking through the lens of both modern psychology and spiritual traditions this technique guides you into discovering the innate wisdom - the wisdom held deep in the spectacular subconscious mind, enhancing our ability to live happy and fulfilled lives, with a more profound understanding of who we are and why we are here on Earth.

The aim is to produce caring, skilled and ethical Practitioners who will benefit human-kind. 



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This 12  Week Past Life Training with the Sacred Subconscious Technique  Course provides a strong foundation for growth and development helping people to regain a sense of purpose. The course has been written with the express purpose of guiding you along an adventurous trail.  

Healers of any kind are special souls, with the potential to make a profound difference in the lives of others. And while it may seem strange to apply academia and theory to spiritual practice, it is the path to sharing your unique gifts with others and making a career out of your healing abilities and interests.

For a free information pack, please select from the drop down menu under  Free Information Pack. Payment plans are available for all courses with a total price of $500 or more. Please contact the Essence Of Healing for more information if you would like to arrange a payment plan for your chosen course.The payment plan for all courses consists of a deposit payment  plus fortnightly payments. 

Course Content : Module 1: Introduction - Life Purpose Creation- Free Will - Educating aOur Conscious Awareness - Core Beliefs - Capability Of  The Subconscious Mind -  Pathways To The Subconscious - Module 2: Taming The Ego  Challenges. Module 3: Healing Through The Subconscious. Module 4: Regressing Into The Subconscious Mind  Module 5/6: Guidance Prior To The Regression Module 7/8/9: The Sacred Subconscious Technique. Module 10/11:  Practitioner Advice . Module 12:  Important Information - Exams.

9am-4pm Monday to Friday

Payment Plan Available On Request


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“I recently completed the “Sacred Subconscious Technique” taught to me by Elizabeth Wey. I started the course thinking I would gain the “how to” skills for supporting someone through the past life regression process. And I did gain these skills and but there was so much more. Elizabeth’s knowledge is vast. Much more in-depth concepts of how to access and communicate to the power of the Subconscious Mind. The learnings far beyond simple past life regressions were covered in the course and I felt that she imparted this education in a way that I could easily comprehend. She remained professional at all times, while somehow also remaining warm. I enjoyed this course immensely on so many levels, because I walked away feeling I now have the skills, knowledge and insights that will enable me to practice a very healing process in a professional and respectful way.
I feel blessed to have been taught by such a wise teacher.


Ultimately, realising the gift of your life purpose is what this whole spiritual path is about.