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“Elizabeth makes you feel comfortable straight away and answering questions along the way. Removing any doubts or concerns during her treatment sessions. I’ve had two past life regression healing sessions and have completed two spiritual guidance courses not to mention four personal growth workshops. Elizabeth is a exceptional teacher and her knowledge about the spirit realms is fascinating. I would highly recommend Elizabeth if you are contemplating getting those questions answered, through a past life regression healing or taking on a workshop or spiritual course. You go away with a lot more than you bargain for. - Giulia Ponticello - Gold Coast -Australia
I know this worthless feeling only too well & even though you know you aren’t, there’s a piece of you that remains in the memory, the part that believes it must be true. Sad really. I wonder how many lives you’ve changed Lib ? Hundreds? Thousands, hundreds of thousands? You’re an amazing human. I feel privileged to be a part of your teachings. - Melissa Ireland. New South Wales Australia
Bless you Elizabeth you open so many hearts to heal. - E Cutugno . Brisbane Australia

At one level of human consciousness, there exists a degree of understanding and energetic balance which affect all manner of thought and emotions. 

And at this level of understanding it becomes the benchmark for all ‘Spiritual Healers’ of the future.

Each course is taught one on one to the student.

What is the value of learning healing skills as a sole student?

The teacher moves at your pace.

Just imagine how well you’d learn if you had one in one training.

Learning effectively. Through practice and personalised instruction, you will eventually be self-aware of how your spiritual awareness and gifts.

Such tools are quite valuable for everyone, even those not planning on pursuing a career in healing practice.

Setting goals. You are full supported in working to achieve your desired outcomes each week and are able to realise your success with ease,

It also gives you a powerful momentum in wanting to learn more.

Responsibility and Accountability. Since lessons are one-to-one, you are held accountable for your assignments, which can be an easy distraction in group learning.

You also receive instant feedback about your efforts.

Learn effective practicing techniques. If you don’t know how to practice the techniques taught, you won’t improve. Since you will have more attention and extra time, you can be guided on how to resolve any challenges that arise during the lessons. It’s not impossible to support everyone in the larger groups, but it’s not easy either.

Develop correct methods. Working with a private teacher means the teaching is specifically focused to your spiritual gifts.

Within the private lesson sessions, I’m able to the students focus to one, specific concept or issue. Through the process of practice, each student is able to master many concepts in a very short amount of time. When you study with a professional private teacher, you receive your teacher’s attention and focus for the entire lesson. You will benefit from lessons because they are tailor to your specific needs, goals, and learning style.

Payment plans are available for all courses with a total price of $500 or more. Please contact the  Essence Of Healing for more information if you would like to arrange a payment plan for your chosen course.

As a student you will uncover the keys to understanding not only how you can grow as a person but also how your life’s direction can be shaped by becoming aware of the gifts that you can offer to others.

Teaching Environment

One on one with the teacher.

Course duration

Depending on course. Please refer to course details.

Number of Lessons.

Depending on course. Please refer to course details.Qualification:

Graduates will receive the Essence Of Healing Diploma and are entitled to use the post-nominal letters “EH. Dip. 


Written Exams

Engaging Spiritual Awareness Course One - On One - Via Skype - Six Weeks - Investment $1500.00

Past Life Regression Course: The Sacred Subconscious Technique©: Three Months - Investment $2500.00

Bespoke Animal Communication Course: 4 Hours - Investment $400.00

Ultimately, realising the gift of your life purpose is what this whole spiritual path is about.


Elizabeth Wey Mhs.B, is an eminent, intuitive teacher and a guiding force in spiritual healing and esoteric awareness practices. She has worked in the field for over two decades, and offers these wonderful programs in therapeutic healing practices to people who are looking to discover their potentiality with this kind of work.