True healing is the restoration of the harmony between soul and spirit body, between our physical, emotional and spiritual mental health


THE SUBTLE AND POWERFUL TRAINING METHOD FOR HEALING - To integrate and anchor your healing energies from the gift of spiritual connection.

What will you learn?

This 7 Week, Professional Energy Healing course provides a strong foundation for growth and development in spiritual awareness and natural healing abilities. With a quintessential approach, this course will provide insight into the tools used to understand how to not only heal your own awareness  of ‘self’ but to also gain a plethora of healing tools backed by a well rounded understanding of them. For a free information pack, please select from the drop down menu under  Free Information Pack. Payment plans are available for all courses with a total price of $500 or more. Please contact the Essence Of Healing for more information if you would like to arrange a payment plan for your chosen course.The payment plan for all courses consists of a deposit payment  plus fortnightly payments. 

Course Content : Module 1: Introduction - What is an Energy Healer- Is Energy Healing Spiritual - Energy Healing Is Three Fold - Delivering Excellence In Energy Healing. Module 2: When Is Energy Healing Appropriate -  Why People Seek Help From An Energy Healer - Becoming a Healer- Your Attitude - Managing Client Expectations - Sixth Sense - Limiting Beliefs - Fear Of Success - Grounding - Healing Hands. Module 3: Energy Healing Techniques - Aura Healing - Chakra Healing. Module 4: Crystal Healing. Module 5: Remote/Distant Healing - Animal Healing Techniques - Flower Remedies - Module 6: Divine Presence And Other Higher Sources - Spiritual Guides Who Are They? - How The Birth Experience Can Affect Us -  Quantum Healing - The Energy Of Emotion. Module 7: The Healing Room - The Healing Session - Post Healing Time With Client - Advice For Client - Self-Reflection - Becoming A Professional Energy Healer- Helpful Advice - Consent Form - Ethics - Exam.

Elizabeth’s teaching is rooted in a deep desire to help others. She is meticulous in her research and development of course content, generous in her commitment of time to her students, and loving in her delivery of information and awakening of skills. She understands the processes that some students go through before fully accepting what is presented to them and allows each person the space they need as well as offering additional help if needed. This extra help could be additional time and personal tuition or assistance with finding outside support.


PLUS, your course includes:

  • A comprehensive manual of everything you’ll have learned

  • 1 month of ongoing email/phone support after completion

  • The opportunity to work with clients

  • A Certified Diploma, with the option to upgrade to a Practitioner's Certificate and Accreditation by completing extra Exams.

Guiding you to the deepest parts of your awareness.

It’s my role to teach the individual beyond the physical and beyond its parts, and to employ a holistic and integral approach. 

Learning to know yourselves better and to recognise the signals of the body and its surroundings. To awaken intuition, to learn to take care of people’s  wellbeing in a more harmonious way, will no doubt bring the healing you most deeply desire.

A Healer comes to Earth  for a purpose. It can take time to discover that you have special gifts  but with those gifts you have the potential to make a life-changing differences to the lives of others. 

A life of service is a purposeful life.

Its important to apply practical learning experience  and theory to this field because, it is the path to sharing your unique gifts with others and making a career out of your healing abilities and interests.

 Which healing course should you choose?