Sandalwood Prayer / Meditation Beads

Sandalwood Prayer / Meditation Beads


This Mala is derived from trees in India within the same genus as Sandalwood known as Santalum. These trees emit a scent very similar to Sandalwood. To help preserve this scent, the beads are rubbed with natural oils.

These beads have been blessed by a Tibetan Monk.

They will be sent to you wrapped in a Nepalese hand-made cotton pouch.

This 108 bead Mala made of Sandalwood is believed to be powerful in bringing positive forces of self realisation & contentment.

Use them to remain mindful, compassionate and grateful. They are also wonderful way for reducing stress by rolling them between the fingers or for inducing calm by counting the beads.

Whether you wear them around your neck or on your arm, these wooden beads simply feel good.

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