I had the good fortune to meet Elizabeth Wey during a training we attended at the Omega Institute New York with Dr Brian Weiss. She crossed the room to speak with me regarding past life regression therapy and how it would be of value in my medical practice. This conversation changed the course of my work, changed the course of my life and set me on a new direction.  
She is a gifted healer and channel. Her work with the Guides and Spirits is magnificent. Elizabeth’s gentle teaching and patience has been very helpful as she guides this Western doctor through uncharted waters. She has taught me everything about the work she does, and has encouraged my tentative steps into her world. She has always been there to support my work, my learning, my exploration, and as my teacher, she has gifted me with valuable critical review of the work that I have done so that I might see ways to improve. She has made me a better doctor, and she has helped me better help my patients. It is because of her support and encouragement that I have ventured “out of the Western medical box into new vistas of integrative healing to my benefit and the benefit of those for whom I care. The course of my life would be altogether different had she not taken those steps and moved forward to say hello. I’m forever grateful for that handshake, and all the love and light that have followed.  
Gil C. Grimes, MD

— Prince Edward Island, Canada

Elizabeth’s teaching is rooted in a deep desire to help others. She is meticulous in her research and development of course content, generous in her commitment of time to her students, and loving in her delivery of information and awakening of skills. She understands the processes that some students go through before fully accepting what is presented to them and allows each person the space they need as well as offering additional help if needed. This extra help could be additional time and personal tuition or assistance with finding outside support.
T.Koczanowski Gold Coast Queensland
— Tatjana, Gold Coast

When you first meet Elizabeth, straight away you have a sense of peace and calm, a sense that you are in the right hands. She has a compassionate and loving heart, extraordinary energy healing capabilities and connection to Spirit. Elizabeth has the astute ability to see into your heart, the right words to say when you need to hear them the most, and to gently guide and support you along your healing path in the most kindest and loving way. I have had many personal energy healing experiences with Elizabeth and have attended several of her workshops and courses, and have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who would like to go further down their own personal healing path, or to learn from one of the best. She has integrity, heart and compassion along with much wisdom to share and learn from.
— Helena Lancaster - Brisbane - Queensland - Australia -

Elizabeth is a wonderful healer, teacher and human being. She puts you at ease with her warm nature. Everything she does comes from her heart. Her courses, past life regressions, and healing sessions will give you a lot of answers and knowledge regarding your spiritual path. She never ceases to surprise you with her spirit. ♥
— Heidi Suffolk - Sunshine Coast - Queensland

Elizabeth makes you feel comfortable straight away and answering questions along the way. Removing any doubts or concerns during her treatment sessions. I’ve had two past life regression healing sessions and have completed two spiritual guidance courses not to mention four personal growth workshops. Elizabeth is a exceptional teacher and her knowledge about the spirit realms is fascinating. I would highly recommend Elizabeth if you are contemplating getting those questions answered, through a past life regression healing or taking on a workshop or spiritual course. You go away with a lot more than you bargain for.
— Giulia Ponticello - Gold Coast - Queensland

“I recently completed the “Sacred Subconscious Technique” taught to me by Elizabeth Wey. I started the course thinking I would gain the “how to” skills for supporting someone through the past life regression process. And I did gain these skills and but there was so much more. Elizabeth’s knowledge is vast. Much more in-depth concepts of how to access and communicate to the power of the Subconscious Mind. The learnings far beyond simple past life regressions were covered in the course and I felt that she imparted this education in a way that I could easily comprehend. She remained professional at all times, while somehow also remaining warm. I enjoyed this course immensely on so many levels, because I walked away feeling I now have the skills, knowledge and insights that will enable me to practice a very healing process in a professional and respectful way.
I feel blessed to have been taught by such a wise teacher.
— Jess Spooner - Burleigh Heads - Gold Coast-

“I had an amazing healing session experience with Elizabeth. She is intuitive, passionate, intentional, and creates a wonderful safe, serene space in which to do her work. It was so comforting and tranquil as I fell into a deep realm of relaxation.
Something I rarely experience. these days.
Elizabeth also tuned in to my spirit guides and the messages were nonjudgmental, loving and appropriate.to my current concerns.
She is indeed a gifted healer and a beautiful soul with the most non- judgmental attitude of anyone I’ve every had the privilege of meeting. My return home to India was filled with beautiful memories of the experience.
From the depths of my heart, namaste Elizabeth”

Recently I flew to Brisbane to have my first session with Elizabeth and it was worth every bit of the tie it took to ve with her. I’ve had many other healing sessions in the past, but this time there was so much negative emotion released during my session, that even weeks after my healing I continue to feel lighter and have more energy than ever.”

“Incredible is the only word I can think of to describe being with this beautiful Soul.
— Pauline Longhurst - Melbourne - Victoria -