What we know

We know that kindness matters.

We know that life is a complex web of challenges.

We know the greatest injury that can be done to anyone or any animal on this earth is a violation of their body, mind and spirit.

We know how important it is to remain calm under pressure.

We know that to help restore a persons self-belief, creates an opportunity for the flexibility to cope with setbacks, by seeing them for what they are. Extremely powerful life lessons.

We know you matter.

We know life is tough.

We know that eliminating emotional scarring changes lives.

We know how to empower you to make the right decisions.

We know that healing the ‘self’ leaves a footprint of hope for others to follow.

At the Essence of Healing we know how to look beyond, striving to empower others, to extinguish their fears, anxieties and guilts and to share our wisdom and love. 

How we connect

Many of us are so caught up in the turmoil of everyday life that we’ve forgotten how to live.

Its very easy to disconnect from our true nature.

So easy in fact, that we don’t even realise the changes are occurring as they slip into our consciousness without notice. When life becomes demanding we find it safer and easier to withdraw, doing anything we can to avoid facing our hurdles and hickups.

The Essence of Healing understands this and so we’ve developed simple ways to nurture and support those of you who are looking to break the bonds and tendencies that bind you to the past and current issues.

Why we provide training

Created and evolved by Elizabeth Wey, the Essence of Healing’s  training courses are fully interactive, providing many opportunities for self-growth and reflection. 

The content of our courses can be readily applied to everyday people and professional consultants, encompassing but not exclusive to all.

Why we are successful

The Essence of Healing has grown exponentially from modest beginnings to become a well respected place of nurturing.

The journey of life will be different for each of us.

At the Essence of Healing we have our own passions, gifts, and talents and we’ve chosen to use them wisely to support people, just like you.

To make positive differences in people’s lives is spectacularly rewarding.

We are successful because we deliver hope, inspiration and practical advice. For the reasons that no matter where you live in the world, what level of society you exist in, whatever your past is about, how old or young you are, or whatever your beliefs, it is for these reasons alone, that we know our work is inspiring, and worthy, and compellingly consructive.

Why we care

Our philosophy:

We are committed to navigating people towards recognising their most important of all potentials - the prevailing reason for their being.

Our mission:     

To provide clarity and empowerment to all that ask for our help.

Our Vision:        

To make a notable difference to humankind.

Why we hold workshops & Courses

These exceptional courses and workshops have been designed to help you reflect on your life, specifically for your wellbeing and for the benefits you’ll receive from the learning to be of service to others.

Photo by Charu Chaturvedi on Unsplash