To become effective and liberating - to engage in the emotional quality of your life is an investment in your wellbeing.

In every cell, in every thought, in every breath an incandescent life will immediately fill you with sparkling energy. And it will shine onto every step and illuminate every corner of your life.

Holistic Energy Healing

60 MINUTES $150.00

Your Energy healing session can be accomplished no matter where you live on our beautiful blue planet and it can be done in person or from a distance.

Elizabeth is a qualified energy healer with a bachelors degree in Humanistic Science.

Elizabeth channels with the support of the Universe so that the energy healing is brought about by connecting with both the clients Spiritual Guides and her own.

With assurance, knowing that spirit works through her, Elizabeth trusts the process total confidence. Knowing full well that the Guides are using their wisdom and knowledge to set in motion, an energy healing,

The first thing Elizabeth will notice as she begins to channel is the powerful energy from the Guides, the ones who are so ready and prepared to surround you with their love as they begin the healing process. As a spiritual consultant, Elizabeth is not a substitute for competent medical, legal, financial, or psychiatric care. She cannot provide you with diagnosis, treatment, or answers about serious money or psychological problems. However, there are many physical, emotional and spiritual issues that may benefit from a healing session.

Such as:

  • Removing energy blockages and stagnant energies

  • May assist with pain and physical ailments

  • Relieving Stress, Anxiety, Depression and/or Grief

  • Releasing negative emotions and past trauma

  • Advancing spirituality and support spiritual growth

  • Energetically healing, mind, body and soul

  • Enacting a Chakra balance to lighten a sense of wellbeing.

    **The cells in out body emit energy in different ways, and different cells will emit different kinds of energy depending on where they are located, and they can easily become blocked, leaving you feeling lethargic. Cleansing and clearing the Chakras is a wonderful way in which to release those concerns, leaving you to feel much lighter and brighter.



Would you like to gain a deeper understanding of who you are? Your life purpose? 

The soul contracts you came here with? Why you chose your parents? Your Relationships? Guilt and Forgiveness? Spiritual awareness? Perhaps to discover how many lives you've had and who your Guide is?

The Sacred Subconscious technique is a unique three to four hour, one of session.

A life altering journey of self-discovery.

During your time with Elizabeth, you’ll discover an infinitely powerful aspect of who you are. This part of yourself is always present with you and exists just below the surface of your conscious mind, doing it every best to guide you through each and every day.

Elizabeth offers you this enriching opportunity, using a sensitive approach to your wellbeing. Communicating with the Subconscious mind, establishing a strong connection, one that nurtures you, serving to support the whole of who you are, whilst at the same time, connecting to the awe inspiring intelligence, innate wisdom and ability to heal that its within.

The benefits you receive from experiencing The Sacred Subconscious Technique 

  • It provides answers to all your questions, worries and anxieties

  • It guides you to develop a life purpose more fully

  • It provides direction, choice and clarity

  • It alleviates unfounded fears

  • It provides guidance when guidance is sought

  • It does its best to heal the body it resides in

  • It is a great motivator

  • It opens your heart to accept who you are and tells you where you’ve come from and where your going

  • It can focus on, if necessary, on relationship issues, past trauma, sexual, verbal and domestic violence abuse.

  • It aids in your spiritual development         

  • It empowers you to understand yourself

  • It explains contracts and promises made in previous lives


From time to time we all need a little support in life, and that includes needing advice on the path you are travelling. A lot of what I do in this consultation is to support you in reflecting back the intuitive wisdom that already lies within your being.

60 MINUTES $150 • 90 MINUTES $195

A spiritual consultation with Elizabeth provides powerful tools for gaining insight into your life. Helping you to take responsibility for the life you’ve created.

She offers guidance and empowerment, to help you make the changes you need to make to move forward. To assist you by taking an honest look at yourself with non-judgment, unconditional love, wisdom and guidance and in a way that will help you create the life you are so wanting to have. A spiritual consultation with Elizabeth is not a substitute for competent medical, legal, financial, or psychiatric care. She cannot provide you with diagnosis, treatment, or answers about serious money or psychological problems. However, she will support you in gaining a deeper understanding of how to overcome the problems that weigh you down. The insight gained during this time with Elizabeth can provide an understanding for the tendencies and patterns that have held you back from living a happier life.


I just wanted to thank you so much Elizabeth for our spiritual consult today. Your wisdom, love and compassion are truly treasured gifts. My soul feels free now as I find myself having experienced a huge shift only minutes after our call ended.

I cannot thank you enough.

I highly recommend anyone searching for non-judgemental guidance, clarity or insight about their life to seek Elizabeth’s help.
Many blessings

Trish O…

Melbourne Victoria.. January 2018


My name is Cathrine Ford.

I live in the United Kingdom.

It was on the 15th December 2018 that I requested a long distance Chakra Healing session with Elizabeth Wey a Holistic Energy Healer from Brisbane, Australia.

Elizabeth went out of her way to ensure my comfort by advising me as she was was beginning the healing, so that I could relax my bed.

As Elizabeth began the healing I became very aware of things happening.

I started to shake a lot but was not concerned by this.

I took it as a reaction to a very strong connection to Elizabeth, her Guides and Helpers. During the Healing and with my eyes closed, I saw many different colours, Purple, Orange and a mixture of Pastel Colours, beautiful shades of Mauve, Aquamarine, Cream and Green. I likened these colours to a Monet Painting. After the Healing session was over I was so relaxed that for the first time in a long time, I slept very well. Within a day or two, I noticed that my left foot felt strange and a bit uncomfortable, I didn’t panic, I just told myself Spirit was working on me. The next thing was that my walking and stance suddenly changed, I was walking upright and taking longer strides and both my legs felt so much stronger. This is when Johnny Cash started singing in my head, his choice of song’Walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye’. I still find myself singing or humming this tune daily. No doubt, a gentle reminder from the Spirit world to persevere. I’ve had complementary treatments for many years. It was soon after this healing, that I had an appointment with my Cranial Osteopath, she was amazed when she saw me and told me she had never seen me looking so well. I haven’t needed an appointment with her since. I’ve noticed that the discomfort is no longer in my left foot and it appears to have altered shape. Being much flatter than usual. It is quite deformed and has undergone many surgeries. A couple of weeks later, I had another appointment, this time with my Reflexologist. I decided to ask him if he noticed anything different about my foot, and was so pleased when he said yes. He told me it was much more flexible and commented that I was looking really well.

Miracles were happening!

Elizabeth had told me prior to the healing that she was going to request support from Orthopaedic Consultants in the Spirit World, to focus particularly on my feet, legs and hands. And I know they are still working on me as my right foot is continuing to go through positive changes, as are my hands. I’d been having lots of cramps and spasms in my fingers, thankfully they are all gone now, and my hands feel and look slightly different to what is normal for me. I no longer need to hold a thick pen, and now use a normal size pen. A true miracle, because I’ve needed to hold a thick pen for over 60 years. My left hand is now more flexible, flatter and stronger.

Because of surgeries in my childhood my left wrist had been left with a slight bend and I couldn’t put it down flat, and now I can. My right hand seems stronger too.

There are other amazing changes to my body.

My neck which has undergone surgery suddenly started to crunch and creak, this went on for a short while, and I can now turn my neck to either right or left with no difficulty. Before this healing, I would have to turn my whole body round to see anything.

Another Miracle. I am truly blessed.

Thank you Elizabeth in offering me this wonderful opportunity for a beautiful healing.

Cathrine F. UK


“Way beyond the belief in the body's self-healing capacity, I cannot stress strongly enough the empowering significance of a mind-body-soul connection to the potential of a miracle occurring.”





No matter where you live in the world Elizabeth’s expertise in mediumship and channeling enables her to connect to your Spiritual Guide.

She is able to receive the name of your Guide and the past life you shared with them, along with a vital message of encouragement and support in understanding the challenges in your life.

Your channelled message is beautifully produced in a document with words and images that take you into the wonder of the experience.

This document is emailed to you within 3 working days.

This information can also be accessed as a private in person consultation.

The Past Life is ready for you when you arrive and the channel to your Guide is done with you at the time of the appointment.


As we go through life, many of us find ourselves faced with so many questions and challenges that we don't always feel we understand or deserve. At some stage we might have thought we could have been better prepared by being provided with a step by step guidebook, to make sure we could avoid adversities.

The ability to understand the issues that are most troubling you, and knowing how best to proceed is a necessary part of any healing engagement. For this you may want to consider any one of the consultations that the Essence Of Healing provides.


Two days of compassionate. loving conversations with Elizabeth.

Catch - Release - Heal - a beautiful 2 day experience with Elizabeth that will never be forgotten.

Together we uncover the wounds that have not been healed and apply the salve that heals.

We catch them - We Heal them - We Release them.

To be wounded and to suffer, are a prerequisite for taking on the role of 'Healer'

It has to be this way so we can recognise that which is within you is that same that is within the us.

Its the rite of passage - we must experiences many forms of challenges.

A healer recovers when they recognise their ailments and determines to overcome and move on- for it can only be then that they can be of service to others.

We, the healer, become spiritually sensitive and the realm of spiritual experiences becomes heightened to our awareness.

There IS no other way.

Once we have graduated from the school of 'Apprentice Healers', we are able to channel our gifts to help others. This is how and why I do what I do 💛

For this consultation the client goes home overnight and comes back the next day or alternatively we can work together via Skype.

Thank you for the past two days Elizabeth. Its been invaluable and much appreciated.

Heidi S - Sunshine Coast Queensland.