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If you are looking to heal an emotional part of yourself that’s hurting, or to learn awe-inspiring spiritual skills, in other words, to develop a stronger awareness and quality of life, then the Essence of Healing is the perfect place to connect.

Our amazing web site is full of resources for those looking for answers.

Personal consultations, real-time, live, one day workshops, or one of our leading world-class courses, is steered by Elizabeth Wey MHs.B

Life has a chance if you are willing to trust the journey.

Our consultations and training are individualised to ensure that each of our clients and students alike receive the best of our capabilities, to their fullest potential.

To consider personal growth and fulfilment as a central core of who we are is so important..


Elizabeth Wey MHs.B




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Our range of learning options

Leading the way with world class courses and workshops…

Soul nourishing courses to satisfy

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Registered Trainer The Complementary Medical Association: C201906060001

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Past Life Experience & Meditation Workshop - August 24 2019

Our Range of Consultations

Holistic Energy Healing Consultations
An energy healing contains a treasure trove of opportunities to support you on your journey to creating a state of well-being. A healing can be experienced in person or remotely.. 

There’s likely to be blocked energy that is so deeply rooted in the mind and body, limiting your thoughts to the degree that they manifest as physical aches and pains, anxiety, despair or the big one that affects most people, stress.

Our practice is about encouraging people to be more accepting of the merit in having a Spiritual Healing.

To provide fresh insights into having a balanced life and to demonstrate how this sensitive, non- intrusive method, can easily be integrated with other forms of medical protocols without affecting ongoing treatments.

Past Life Regression Consultation

Elizabeth Wey Mhs. B is a leading expert on past life regression therapy, and the mastermind behind the Sacred Subconscious Technique, a sublime methodology used to conduct Past Life Regressions

Elizabeth has been in private practice and teaching this Past Life Regression technique for many years.

The Essence of Healing first concern is always about the welfare of others, it has helped many people from all walks of life and from all over the world, providing support in overcoming mind, body, and soul issues that matter most to their future welfare.

Spiritual Consultations

Our Spiritual Consultations are not a psychic reading.

These are very special moments of confidential, quality time. Spent with Elizabeth, either in person, via Skype or Video Messenger (through FaceBook ) they are perfect for those of you who are ready to speak openly, while prepared to receive sage wisdom and guidance, both from Elizabeth as well as your Spiritual Guide.


No matter who you are, how isolated you feel, or how difficult your life has been to date, every person on this planet, wherever you may be, has the potential for immeasurable life-altering opportunities to find your true self by opening up to the awareness of infinite possibilities.

It is up to you individually and to everyone collectively to inspire each to discover that ‘magic’ that lies within each of us.

We all deserve the opportunity to live in a way that fulfils our freedom and purpose.

Love Elizabeth



Every birth is a new beginning with death as the inevitable destination.

But our life in-between this space is a journey we set down for ourselves in a very precise manner.

It is never too late to connect with that part of ourselves that has the knowing of who we are and what we are meant to be doing.

Free will is the gift given to make the choice on how we wish to live our life, so it  does not matter how old we are, we will always have the opportunity to set in motion the necessary steps to acquire the knowledge that allows us to take the path necessary to achieve our purpose of life on planet Earth.

Knowledge that sinks deep and becomes part of one’s being, is capable of transforming the opinion we have of the self and of others.

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The Book



Often what can appear as a calamity to us can in fact be the end of a huge life lesson. The unique lives you experience through your Soul's journey towards enlightenment are for you to learn from, and they are a rich and necessary part of our growth.

In working within the labyrinth of the phenomenal all-powerful subconscious, Elizabeth’s focus in writing this book was to skilfully bring to the surface information that will support a person to bring about positive changes in their life.

The sum of all our fears will invariably draw us towards sobering and complex misunderstandings and blind us to the flawless and magical mysteries of life.

However, by revealing a past life and communicating with the Subconscious, you are guided through a golden gateway of potential and possibilities. 

This extraordinary book is a bold and fearless exploration into the fundamental core of your existence, one that will hopefully ignite a fire of hope within you and generate a deeper understanding of why you are here on this bootcamp we call Earth.

Earth - The Toughest Bootcamp In The Universe

Earth - The Toughest Bootcamp In The Universe

“We can only do our best, whatever that best is, and at the end of our life, just before we take our last breath, if we can look back and see we have learned our lessons, understood ourselves, been of value to humanity; then in my opinion, this is as fine a way to go as possible. So, as you strive for meaning in your lives, may truth be your light.

My hope is that this book finds a place in your heart, a place that resonates with your truth, and one that travels with you as you traverse your journey to this Earth, the toughest boot camp in the Universe.” Elizabeth Wey

Excerpt From:

Earth The Toughest Bootcamp In The Universe